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Behind the scene with

This is us… behind the camera!

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Professionel photography and production team

We run a successful commercial advertising photography business called Flamingo Images.
We work as a collaborative team on shoots, sharing roles as director and photographer.

Flamingo Images have offices in
Denmark, Europe and Cape Town, South Africa.

Our team consist of photographers, videographers, retouchers, producers, make up artist’s and
digital managers. All are part of our staff and make sure our productions go from just an idea
to a finished image or video. Our team are all highly skilled professionals
and are a big part of making our ideas come to life.

Flamingo Images are specialised in lifestyle, fitness, corporate and small business. Our shooting style
is mostly defined by capturing authentic moments you believe in. That often demands very planned shooting, super good casting and great locations. Thats how we love to do it!

Beside doing specific client work we are also selling images and video as royalty free content.
That way even clients with a smaller budget can buy our images and videos at very reasonable prices.
That way they dont have to compromise on the quality of the content they need
for their advertisement, article or blogpost. You can buy our royalty free content by following
the two links on the front page just above this text.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions. 


Take care

Stefan & Janni
Flamingo Images

Contact Info

Copenhagen, Denmark

Phone: +45 3148 4034

Mobile: +45 2620 2144

Web: Flamingo Images